You Can Save Nearly 40% On Rockfest Passes Right Now

For those about to rock, we salute you!
You Can Save Nearly 40% On Rockfest Passes Right Now

Though it doesn't quite feel like it in Canada, cause the weather sucks, it is festival season in Montreal and Canada, alike. Here in Montreal, the festival season runs in our blood.

Montreal loves a good sale! Well, I think this is a true statement for just about everyone. Snagging yourself a solid deal at a great price is exciting, to say the least. 

Right now, a wicked sale on one of Quebec's biggest annual festivals is happening! 

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Rockfest 2018 will go down in Montebello, Quebec this month over the weekend of June 14-17. The 13th edition of the massive rock festival is just around the corner - in less than 2 weeks!

If you were battling your inner conscious trying to decide whether you should spend the hard-earned dollars or not on weekend passes, right now you can enjoy almost 40% off for the whole weekend! 

Rockfest is offering 39% off their weekend passes with Groupon right now, and while 39% doesn't sound like much - that is nearly $70 off for the whole weekend. 

Instead of paying $177 for the weekend, you can now get passes at just under $110.

That $70 can easily be spent on camping or whatever you need to enjoy the festival properly.

Via MTL Blog

Rockfest is the biggest rock festival in Canada, and one of the biggest in all of North America! This year, they will host over 70 bands including Tenacious D, Weezer, Rancid and many, many more. 

Over 70 bands, combined with a wicked camping experience with people coming in from all over North America, how could you go wrong?

This deal is available for a limited time, and you can get one pass for yourself and gift up to 5 additional weekend passes at this price. 

Find more information about the Rockfest Groupon discounts right here!

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