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You Can See Pitbull and Nickelback For Only $45 At This Music Festival In Quebec

One of the biggest (and cheapest) festivals to hit Quebec this summer.
You Can See Pitbull and Nickelback For Only $45 At This Music Festival In Quebec

If you remember anything about last summer in Quebec, it's without a doubt the many festivals and events that took place almost every single day across the province. Luckily, you can expect even more activities to take place this summer, one of those being Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS music festival. 

The festival is the biggest east of Quebec City and has an incredible lineup. Not only is the giant music festival just 5 hours outside of Montreal, but ticket prices are also ridiculously cheap. Just to give you an idea of how big a steal this event is, you can see artists such as Pitbull, Loud, Éric Lapointe, and Nickelback for only $45!

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TL;DR Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS music festival will be taking place in Rimouski, Quebec from July 18 to July 21 of this year. Dozens of popular musicians will be performing over the four-day event, with tickets only costing $45 plus tax. More information below.

The festival is four days long, from July 18 to 21, 2019 in Rimouski, Quebec. Thursday night will kickoff with a performance by Éric Lapointe, followed by Pitbull on Friday evening.

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If this wasn't already tempting enough, the following Saturday will treat you to musical performances by Nickelback, Loud, and the Ontario group, The Standstills. Yes, this already sounds like the event you NEED to attend this summer!

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Sunday will welcome comedians Peter Macleod and Patrice Michaud, and a firework show to officially close the entire event. Right now, you can get tickets for the entire four-day event for only $45 plus tax. Needless to say, the music festival is definitely worth the roadtrip.

For more information and to purchase tickets for the Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS music festival, click HERE.

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