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You Can See The Most Insane Laser Light Show At Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica Right Now (Video)

Prepare to be mesmerized.
You Can See The Most Insane Laser Light Show At Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica Right Now (Video)

Montreal's Old Port is iconic for so many reasons. 

The cobblestone roads and tightly spaced alleyways are signature Montreal. I feel like Old Port appreciation runs deep among the locals. 

As a former tourist, now local, I know first hand what it is like to mention Montreal to someone, and have them return the conversation back to you referencing the Old Port.

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Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal's Old Port is widely regarding as one of the most beautiful basilicas in the world. Seriously guys, if you haven't gone inside yet - you're missing out. 

Though, walking around the perimeter of the basilica and taking in its architectural beauty is just as enjoyable. 

However, enjoying the beauty of Notre-Dame Basilica is only one tiny aspect of this mesmerizing church. 

Have you ever been inside these "holy" buildings, and thought to yourself all the possibilities of what can happen inside? One year I got to see Georgio Moroder inside one of these massive churches in Montreal, and I was blown away. 

Aura Basilique is the next event that has blown my expectations right out the water! 

@lolaaugustineembedded via  

Montreal's Moment Factory brings to you Aura Basilique, one of the most extreme and spiritual laser shows you could ever imagine!.. and it all goes down inside Notre-Dame Basilica.

Sounds intriguing, right? 

Montreal's Moments Factory has packed the Notre-Dame Basilica with 140 lights, 4 lasers, and 20 mirrors - and the results are nothing less than mesmerizing. 

You'll definitely wanna catch this laser and light show if you can. Montreal's Moment Factory and Aura Basilique just won a Numix prize for cultural production/video mapping. Congrats, guys!

Aura Basilique has scheduled performances all throughout 2018 - and you can find the full schedule right here. 

Tickets range from $14-$24, with prices for kids under 12, students and group specials available. 

You can buy your Aura Basilique tickets right here. 

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