You Can Share Your Opinions On COVID-19 And Other Topics Using This Canadian Survey App

Their surveys have had an impact on government decision-making and more.
You Can Share Your Opinions On COVID-19 And Other Topics Using This Canadian Survey App

What if we told you that you could earn money just for answering some basic questions online? Turning your free time (and your opinions) into money definitely sounds like a dream situation - and thanks to a mobile phone app called LEO, that situation can become a reality.

If you've ever done online surveys before, then LEO will be a breeze. Just by filling out different surveys, you can earn points to redeem on awesome rewards, like prepaid Visas, PayPal transfers and Starbucks gift cards.

And when you become more active in the LEO community, you'll be entered into monthly contests where you can win awesome prizes like cash, iPads, and other great prizes. Seriously, all these freebies just for stating your opinion seems too easy, but it doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. You share your thoughts, you get rewarded - simple!

Their mobile app is iOS and Android-friendly. It makes it easy and convenient to participate and earn rewards, although you can also participate in their surveys via web browser.

The app is actually the first mobile survey app of its kind in Canada, having launched in 2004 and growing from the success of Leger.

The largest Canadian-owned survey, marketing research, and analytics firm, Leger has been around since 1986. With such well-established roots, you can trust that they definitely know their stuff!  

Another added bonus is that LEO uses the opinions of its members to change the world: their surveys have had an impact on government decision-making, the products and services offered by merchants, and more. This is why your opinion is so important to them, and why they're willing to reward you for it.

With that in mind, as part of the fight against COVID-19, all new members will be able to respond to a survey about the current worldwide pandemic.

These surveys are important because they provide governments, the media, and businesses with details on how people are feeling, and what's happening in North America, during these uncertain times. You can start earning points to put towards things like a Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card for a tasty treat - and help out at the same time!

Since you're reading this article, you can get an automatic 2000 points just by using the code MTLBLOG when you register. Those freebie points will get you that much closer to a $20 PayPal transfer, Air Miles or Aeroplan Miles, a Tim Hortons gift card, and more. So, are you ready to get started with LEO? Make sure you download the app ASAP to start earning now.

Get rewards just by giving your honest opinion through LEO

When: Now!

Where: Download the app on iOS or Android.

Why you should do it: There's nothing to lose - just have some fun, help your local government and businesses, and get rewarded for free.

To learn more about LEO, check out their Instagram page or Facebook page. You can also visit their website for surveys too.