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You Can Spend The Night In An Igloo At This Quebec Spa

Quite possibly the cutest winter activity ever.
You Can Spend The Night In An Igloo At This Quebec Spa

I know you're all tired of hearing about winter activities, snowstorms, and anything that has to do with ice because, with spring approaching, the last thing anyone wants to hear about is more winter.  I get it, I'm 100% with you on that but you have to check this out before winter is over, okay? 

Located just an hour and 30 minutes outside of Montreal, you and a loved one can spend an evening inside this adorable little igloo at Centre Le Rituel Spa in gorgeous Saint Côme, Quebec. I can't think of a better way to say adieu to winter than spending a chilly March night inside a cozy little igloo. 

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TL;DR  Go to Centre Le Rituel Spa to spend a night in an adorable yet luxurious igloo just an hour and a half outside of Montreal. You and your loved ones can also enjoy full access to the spa while experiencing a taste of the great outdoors. 

At Le Centre Rituel Spa, luxury and incredible service are just some of the things they are renowned for.

They offer the finest in massage, with a wide range of options for you to kick back and chill out. From volcanic stones to saunas, the spa is fully equipped. 

You can personalize your accommodations to include full access to the spa and the on-site health centre if you want to extend your stay past one night. There are also group packages available, say you want to host a bachelorette party! 

The real draw, however, is these delightful and dreamy little igloos (built for two!)

@centre_le_rituel_massage_spaembedded via  

Would you just look at how cute they are?! At Le Centre Rituel Spa, the igloo package is available for as long as the weather allows them to be adorable, so if you can't resist booking one right away, act fast. 

Igloo packages include complete access to the spa and health centre at no extra charge, but you can only reserve them for one night at a time.

Every igloo includes two sleeping bags rated for -25-degree weather, blankets, insulating mats, lamps, candles, firewood, and a personal outdoor toilet.

Igloos are meant for two, so make sure to bring a friend or lover with you to enjoy this unique experience! 

Igloo packages are $300 for one night and are only available for a limited time, so act fast!

Centre Le Rituel Spa is located at 1421 rue Principale in Saint-Côme, Quebec and is open seven days a week! For full details, click here. 

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