You Can Stay At Canada's Iconic "Ice Hotel" For 50% Off This Winter

Off the charts romantic winter get-away.
You Can Stay At Canada's Iconic "Ice Hotel" For 50% Off This Winter

Just outside of Quebec City at Village Vacances Valcartier lies one of the most unique hotels, not only in Canada, but in the world.

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TL;DR Check out this limited-quantity Groupon deal to stay at Quebec's iconic "ice hotel" for only $349/night. This is a $500 saving from the normal nightly rate.

Quebec's "Hotel De Glace" or Ice Hotel is an iconic struture in Quebec; people travel from all over the world to stay in this ephemeral work of art.

It's the only ice hotel of its kind in all of North America. As you can imagine, a night in the ice hotel is not cheap. 

Lucky for you, Groupon is offering a deal to stay at the iconic Hotel De Glace for 50% off this winter!

For only $349 you get a 1-night stay for two people at the hotel. This includes sleeping bags, cocktails, and also access to the Nordic spa hot tub and saunas on site. How romantic!

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$349 is still quite high, but considering the normal value of a one-night stay hovers around $850, you're actually saving about $500 with this Groupon deal.

Get a hold of this deal now before they sell out! Check out the official Groupon page HERE!