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You Can Stay In One Of These Enchanting Nature Cabins At Any Provincial Park Across Quebec

The perfect escape.
You Can Stay In One Of These Enchanting Nature Cabins At Any Provincial Park Across Quebec

Quebec's forests account for 20% of all of Canada's forest and 2% of the forests of the world. In other words, we got a hell of a lot of trees here. 

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Living our day-to-day life in the bustling and increasingly chaotic Montreal, it's easy to forget that a magical nature escape is just a quick drive outside the city.  

Whether you want to drop off the grid for a few days and trek deep into the wilderness, or you're looking for a quick breath of fresh air - there is a provincial park that will provide you with all the nature you need in one short trip.

We have written about the parks that are close to Montreal.  We have also written some longer lists on the most stunning parks across the province - these might take a little longer to get to - but are worth it. 

That said, for those of you who love nature but squirm at the idea of staying in a tent and sleeping on the ground, many of these parks already have facilities and accommodation for you to stay overnight.  

These beautiful modern and sleek chalets can be rented through SEPAQ (Société desétablissements de plein air du Québec) starting at only 141$ per night.

The cabins are available at several parks across the province and are fully equipped to accommodate up to four people to cook, sleep, relax for a short-term or long-term stay.

Via sepaq

Via sepaq

Each cabin comes with electric stove, fridge, functioning toilet and hot water shower, fireplace, outdoor picnic table and fire pit! Really everything you need for a weekend of "camping".

Via sepaq

If this sounds like the perfect spot to get away, check out more photos and information on how to rent your very own nature cabin HERE.

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