You Can Stay In These Unreal "Water Droplet" Treehouses This Summer In Canada

Reservations for the 2019 season have already opened!
You Can Stay In These Unreal "Water Droplet" Treehouses This Summer In Canada

This summer is going to be the best one yet for Canadians. With all of the different festivals and activities going on across the country, there's no way you'll find yourself bored or with nothing to do during the warm and sunny months ahead.

If you were hoping to make plans for a memorable getaway during the upcoming season, there's something perfect for the occasion that you probably had no idea existed. Think futuristic accommodation in the middle of a breathtaking national park.  It's a definite bucket list activity that you'll want to revisit every summer.

Yes, the Ôasis, a "water droplet" accommodation, is the new way to camp and spend some time in Canada's outdoors this year.

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TL;DR This summer you can stay in the Ôasis, a "water droplet" accommodation in both Fundy National Park and Terra Nova National Park. Perfect for small families and couples, the dwelling has both lighting and two beds, including a hammock! 2019 reservations are officially open, more details below.

The unique accommodation known as the Ôasis takes the shape of a giant metal "water droplet" while providing a one-of-a-kind experience for those who spend the night in the dwelling. 

The Ôasis accommodates up to two adults and two children (under 12 years old) meaning it's perfect for a family getaway or a summer retreat for you and your significant other. With both a sofa bed and a hammock loft at the top of the "water droplet" there's more than enough room to relax after spending a day exploring the area!

Currently, there are three of these accommodations across Canada: one located in Fundy National Park (New Brunswick) and two in Terra Nova National Park (Newfoundland). 

Although all of the dwellings have lighting, only one "water droplet" in Terra Nova National Park has heating.

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So, unless you're able to make the drive for an early spring getaway, you might want to wait until warmer days before going on this outdoor trip.

Reservations for the Ôasis have already begun, so to ensure you book in-time for the summer, you'll want to check out the Parks Canada website ASAP.

If only summer could arrive sooner! 

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