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You Can Stay In This Rainforest Treehouse Sphere In Canada This Spring (Photos)

They're known as the "most remarkable accommodation in the world."
You Can Stay In This Rainforest Treehouse Sphere In Canada This Spring (Photos)

Spring is the season of awakening your wanderlust and venturing outside again after a long and treacherous winter. We're all looking for any excuse we can get to escape the work week and venture far from the city for some time to relax in the warming weather.

You might have already exhausted the traditional stays in hotels, cabins, tents and regular treehouses, so why not go for something a little more unique this time around?

Look no further than these super enchanting "treehouse spheres" nestled high up in the trees of a Canadian rainforest. Seriously, once you spend a night in one of these pods it's unlikely that you'll ever want to leave.

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TL;DR Visiting Vancouver Island means you'll have the opportunity to stay in one of the three enchanting "treehouse spheres" located in the trees of the sprawling Pacific North West rainforest. The accommodations are adult-only.

Known as the "most remarkable accommodation in the world," Free Spirit Spheres can be found nestled in trees all across the Vancouver Island rainforest.

Yes, it is quite the journey if you're living in the other end of the country, but seriously, we all need to visit the Pacific North West at least once for unimagineable views of the ocean, natural gems found nowhere else in the world and, of course, for the opportunity to stay in one of these suspended treehouses.

Just take a look at how incredible these accommodations are from the inside to the outside:

With mountains, forests, lakes, and the ocean surrounding your tiny home in the trees, there is no limit to what you can do during your stay.

Due to the fact that these unique dwellings are suspended in trees and a little more tricky to reach than your average cabin or tent, Free Spirit Spheres is an adult-only facility. 

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There are currently three "treehouse spheres" on Vancouver Island available to rent right now, so what are you waiting for?! This is without a doubt the most exciting way to welcome spring and even the upcoming return of summer.

For more information on Free Spirit Spheres and to book your stay, click HERE.

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