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You Can Tag And Paint On All These Legal Graffiti Walls In Montreal

City-wide art that makes Montreal irreplaceable
You Can Tag And Paint On All These Legal Graffiti Walls In Montreal

I've been lucky enough to have lived all across the country at some point in my life. For the first time since I was young, I have been able to call another city home and actually mean it. 

Living in Montreal has been a real ride. One of the most eclectic and culture-filled rides of my life, so far. We have so much that makes our city a leader in the arts, and part of that is thanks to our many street and graffiti artists. 

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Where most city's do not permit vandalism, Montreal took that and made it part of our cities culture. 

We've got festivals dedicated to street art in the way of Under Pressure Graffiti Festival and the more commercialized Mural Fest, both of which are coming up soon for Montreal's festival season!

Montreal also has free-walls that artists can display their work on, all over the city. One of which is right at the end of my block in Pointe St-Charles!

I feel so blessed to have this wall as a permanent art-installation in my neighbourhood.

Other Montreal areas commission graffiti artists and troupes to do murals on the side-facades of their buildings, some just welcome street artists to do what they like. 

One thing is certain, in Montreal, we do not frown upon graffiti as it should not be considered vandalism. It's in the blood of Montreal, and it makes our city that much better - as if we needed another reason to love the 514!

All you need to do is search for #MTLGraffiti on Instagram, and you're sure to find some incredible art that speaks to you and will make amazing photos to add to your next Instagram story. 

This gem was also taken on the Pointe St-Charles legal graffiti wall! Follow that link and see all the nearby graffiti hot spots you can check out. They've mapped the whole city!

Honestly, guys, I walk by this wall every few days on my way to get groceries and it's always a surprise to see what will be new. It changes every few days, without fail - even in the dead of winter! 

As we get warmer weather, I HIGHLY suggest going out for a walk on a nice day and looking at some of Montreal's street art. 

It's one of the most enjoyable, and so-very Montreal experiences one could hope to have in this city.

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You'll also want to stick with us and stay in the know about Montreal's coming Mural Fest and Under Pressure Graffiti Festival, both coming up this summer!

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