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You Can Take A Unicorn For A Walk At This Unicorn Dreamland Ranch

For the softest birthday party EVER.
You Can Take A Unicorn For A Walk At This Unicorn Dreamland Ranch

A hoax photo made the rounds a little while back. The photo, which was fabricated by a TVA show, showed a miniature pony with a pink mane grazing peacefully at park Jean-Drapeau. The reason it spread so fast is probably because, deep down, we all want to see a little pink unicorn-like pony in real life.

As it turns out, you actually can. A UK-based company called "Unicorn Dreams" offers kitschy and hilarious "dream experiences" for clients. It's the awfully tacky party activity you didn't know you needed.

The company was founded by Alyssya Carrington. She got the idea to start "Unicorn Dreams" after her father took her to visit a Unicorn when she was a young child.

The father and daughter duo are on a mission to "bring a broad Unicorn smile to as many children as possible by setting up and running childrens' events all around the country."

Kids can ride the hilariously dressed unicorns. The whole "dream experience" is comprised of "exploring how Unicorns live, grooming and dressing up, plus a chance to ride."

My favourite part about this is the commitment to the dreamy unicorn theme. Of course, the unicorns have names like "Cupcake" and "Happy."

The packages sold have names like "Fairy Mix," "Unicorn Friends Forever," and "Superstar Mix." With these packages, you get to dress up like a unicorn and ride around either on the unicorn or in a carriage.

Honestly, sign me the f up.

You can find out more on the website.

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