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You Can Travel From Montreal To Toronto This Week For Just $39

Here are some reasons to head to T.O. this weekend!
You Can Travel From Montreal To Toronto This Week For Just $39

When you love to travel and thrive on those quick getaway deals, Tuesdays in Canada feels a little like Christmas - all thanks to Via Rail.

It's nothing new, but every week Via Rail offers up discounts on their Eastern Canada train routes, and allow you to escape for less than the cost of an average night out for dinner. 

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This week, Via Rail has more deals on their Montreal - Toronto trips, as well as fares to Quebec City for only $35. 

Via Via Rail

Find all the Via Rail Discount Tuesday deals right here.

Because they are once again offering a trip for less money than it usually costs on two uber trips to and from a club in Montreal on any given night, I started to wonder and justify a reason for myself to pick-up and get out of town this weekend...

...and the icy rain and the cruddy weather is not one of them - cause let's be honest, it seems Ontario has been getting it a little worse than we have. 

This weekend in Toronto there are plenty of cool things to do or see. Here's just a few that caught my attention.

There are still plenty of shopping deals and sales to check out all over Toronto, with stores we do not have here in Quebec.

Kensington Krawl Food Tour

@priminmypumpsembedded via  

It may cost more than your fare to get there, but Toronto's Kensington Market is a must-see if you never have before. They have cool shops and incredible restaurants. 

You can get 8 generous food and drink pairings for $65, and food tours begin daily at 11:00 AM. More details here.


Yoko Ono's 3-part conceptual art installation, THE RIVERBED, is open at Toronto's Gardiner Museum. 

I happened to catch her exhibit here in Montreal nearly 10 years ago, and while that one was likely more exciting due to the John Lennon and The Beatles artifacts, this is intriguing, interactive, and is included in the Museum admission of $15.

4/20 Celebrations!

In case you did not know, this Friday is 4/20 - the annual protest for the legalization of Marijuana... and this could be one of the last years that 4/20 is about a protest, with the coming legalization of recreational weed in Canada. 

Honestly, there are too many events to list. 

If Toronto doesn't tickle your fancy, that's okay! You can also head out to Ottawa or Quebec City for just $29.

Speaking of 4/20 - why not experience the rally in our nation's Capital on Parliament Hill? 

@capitalburlesqueexpoembedded via  

Montreal's Charli Deville.

Ottawa Burlesque Expo is also happening April 20-22, and many Montreal performers will be repping our city all weekend long!

So instead of hanging around the known Montreal go-to bars for the weekend, why not switch it up and head out of town for something more spectacular! 

Happy Travels!

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