You Can Travel To This Huge Lilac Garden Outside Montreal This Spring For The Most Enchanting Mini-Getaway

Visiting the park is totally free!
You Can Travel To This Huge Lilac Garden Outside Montreal This Spring For The Most Enchanting Mini-Getaway

Despite winter seeming more brutal than ever, spring is most likely going to hit Montreal by next month. That means putting away your coats and mittens in exchange for sweaters, rain boots and umbrellas. It also means that the gorgeous trees and flowers will also be coming into bloom, making it a time of year we all desperately need and deserve right now.

The bloom of flowers signifies that we have indeed survived another Quebec winter, so why not go all out this year and visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the province? Well, it's a lot easier than you think. The Lilac Garden, located in Bécancour, is only two hours away from Montreal! Meaning it's the mini spring-getaway you've always wanted to go on.

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TL;DR This spring you can visit a giant lilac garden in Bécancour for free. Lilac's bloom in May and last until July, making the park the perfect spring destination for picnics and taking the best Instagram photos. More details below.

The peaceful garden offers the opportunity for you to discover over 175 lilacs of 70 different varieties. Not only that, but you'll also find rare species of bird, such as the blue swallow and hummingbirds, as well as a super romantic stream nearby perfect for a spring picnic. 

Seriously, this is the one destination you NEED to visit once spring hits. Relaxing amongst the gorgeous lilacs will have you forgetting you even dealt with such a long and miserable winter.

Flowering lilacs usually start in May and last until July, so you'll have a couple of months to go back and revisit your new favourite location of the season. Just remember not to pick any of the flowers during your stay, as the park protects the collection of plants. You can, however, take as many photos as you like to truly captivate all of your Instagram followers!

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The huge garden is located in the courtyard of the Bécancour Town Hall and is completely free to visit! Though you'll have to make a reservation if you're coming in a large group.

For more information and to plan your visit, check out the Tourisme Bécancour website HERE.

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