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You Can Watch A Meteor Shower From Mount Royal This Week

Don't forget to bring a blanket!
You Can Watch A Meteor Shower From Mount Royal This Week

On October 8, the Draconid meteor shower will be visible from Montreal and you are going to want to see it. A meteor shower is a magical celestial event during which space debris radiates from one point in the sky, burning up in the atmosphere in a quick blaze.

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled.

This particular meteor shower got its name from the constellation Draco the Dragon, says Time & Date. It occurs when the planet crosses paths with material left by a passing comet. 

The Draconid meteor show supplies one of the most spectacular and mesmerizing annual shows. Its early October appearance means that Montrealers get to enjoy it during still mild fall weather. So to make the most of the occasion, the Concordia Outdoors club is inviting you to a special community watch party.

This free event is taking place on Mount Royal at 9 p.m and will continue until the meteor shower comes to an end. 

You don’t need any fancy equipment or any particular set of skills to enjoy the meteor shower — all you need is a clear sky and a lot of patience. You should also bring a blanket, wear warm clothes and prepare a thermos of hot chocolate. 

If you are unable to make it to Mount Royal, the meteor shower will be visible in places with little light pollution in Montreal, so make sure you find somewhere comfortable to watch it because it will be something to see.

So far, the Weather Network forecasts clear night skies for the upcoming weekend!

This is the prime opportunity to bask in the glory of the celestial event. The mesmerizing experience could be the defining moment of your fall 2019.

Meteor showers are known to encourage introspection. Gaze up into the night sky to get some perspective on your earthly problems. The sublime experience triggers the humbling realization of the size of our universe and our small role within it.

If you seek more advice from the universe, check out your fall 2019 horoscope here!

Draconid Meteor Shower Watch Party 

When: October 8, 2019; 9 p.m.

Where: Mount Royal

Cost: Free!

See the Facebook event here!

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