You Can Watch Movies Outdoors For FREE In Montreal This Summer

Never pay $12 for a movie.
You Can Watch Movies Outdoors For FREE In Montreal This Summer

In the summer Montrealers want to do everything outside. Eating, drinking, working, relaxing, to watching movies - honestly, I think if it were safe to sleep outside we would do it too.

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That said, I noticed over the years the outdoor movie trend coming back, and now there are several public parks and burrows that organize free outdoor film screenings in different areas of town. 

This one, in particular, is located on the east end of the city and is easily accessible if you live in the Plateau as well.  

The borough of Hochelaga has organized Cin'Hoch de L'été once again this summer and they are screening films for free every Friday of the summer starting June 29th until August 17th, at 4545 Sainte-Catherine Street East.

The official line-up poster has been released to us this week!

Via hochelaga

Most of these are awesome Quebec-made comedies that are perfect for the whole family, and easy to watch even if your French is a little rusty.

That said, if you live in the East end you should follow Hochelaga's Burrough official Facebook page because they are continuously announcing the fun and free community events happening all summer long.

Otherwise, you can check out each individual film screening has their own event page on Facebook here is the one for "Bon Cop Bad Cop 2".  

For all the info on the events going on in the area, you can also visit Hochelaga's official website HERE.

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