You Can Win This $3,000,000 Mansion In Canada For Only $35 And A Cute Photo Of Your Pet

If you have $35 and a great photo of a pet, you can win a $3,000,000 mansion in Canada. This is what an Alberta couple is promising on their website. The couple, homeowners living in the Mount Royal borough of Calgary, are testing out a new way to sell homes.

They told Global News that they had originally built the mansion to be their dream home, but rising construction costs meant that the house was no longer affordable and it was time to sell.

The house performed poorly on the real estate market, as Calgary's housing market has been sluggish, especially when it comes to luxury homes. Determined to not let their investment go to waste, the couple came up with an ingenious solution: a photo contest. Contestants enter with a photo of their pet and $35.

You can also choose to enter without paying, but you'll have to submit a 1000-word essay alongside your application.

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For every 1,000 photos uploaded, a semi-finalist is chosen by a professional photographer. The couple hopes to get a total of 100,000 entries. The final photo will then be chosen by an unbiased board of directors that will make the final call on who gets the house.

It's an unusual strategy, sure, but it's likely to get a lot of attention.

The couple stated that, if they do not reach 100,000 entries, they will refund contestants, and keep only an "administrative fee."

Aside from the mansion itself, three runner-up prizes of $50,000 will be offered. The couple will also donate $100,000 to two animal charities

Just look at these gorgeous photos of the house:

To be eligible, you must be an adult residing in Canada. Unfortunately, like many other contests, the contest excludes Quebec residents.

Find out more about the contest on their website.

Read the Global News article here.