You Decide Which Montreal 'Start Up' Lives Or Dies

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You Decide Which Montreal 'Start Up' Lives Or Dies

After weeks of registration and anxious back-to-school adjustments, some of Montreal’s most promising young businesses were invited to the MTL Blog office for the Montreal Start Up Challengelaunch party and the announcement of the 12 finalists. Guests enjoyed great food, beverages, and music while discovering the innovative projects that are shaping our future.

The decisions weren’t easy to make, but after feasting on delicious poutines made by Five Guys, and knocking back some 1642 colas, the student pilots were eager to learn who made the cut. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we welcome the selected finalists to take their place on the voting platform for the launch of the MSU Challenge.

Here are the businesses and their pilots:

  1. QuantiScienceZarafali Ahmed and Megan Beneteau
  2. Tailor2Go - Nathan Kong and Hugues McNeil-Duval
  3. SharingKit - Gabriel Saba
  4. UVolt - Marc-Antoine Bonin and Antony Diaz
  5. SecondLife - Thibaut Martelain
  6. BizCollab - Arun Rawlani
  7. WishBox - Konstantin Kostychuk, Leo Gamayunov, Austin Hubbell, and Alex Tsyrfa
  8. Cerka - Benoit Brouillard and Alexandre Laroche
  9. Evive Smoothie - Dominic Dubé and Claudia Poulin
  10. E-Innovation - Prof. Janine Mauzeroll, Dr. Tomer Noyhouzer, Laurence Danis, Dr. Michael E. Snowden, Dr. Ushula M. Tefashe
  11. Scrute It - Cloe Khawam and Matt Hennick
  12. Microhabitat - Alexandre Ferrari-Roy

The following Montreal Start Up Challenge judges have also been confirmed.

  • Chuck Lapointe – MTL Blog Inc.
  • Noah Redler – Notman House
  • Caroline Pelletier – Anges Quebec
  • Marie-Philip Simard – Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montreal
  • JF Durocher – BiteSize Entertainment
  • Sam Haffar – Real Ventures
  • Lauren Jane Heller – Hackernest
  • Melissa Reis – Design Shopp
  • Julien Brault - Les Affaires

So what are you waiting for? If you saw an amazing idea that you think deserves to win the MSU Challenge, make sure to vote for them here! Who do you think has what it takes show us a new world?

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