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You Don't Have To Pay Taxes In Quebec If You Don't Want To

A fantastic new loophole.
You Don't Have To Pay Taxes In Quebec If You Don't Want To

So this morning, I learned a pretty interesting fact about our province. You remember me of course, I'm the guy who really doesn't want to have kids. Well as it turns out, I also really don't want to pay taxes.

And that works out perfectly for me, because it just so happens I don't have to pay taxes in Quebec if I don't feel like it.

An association that represents 2,500 taxi drivers claims it's going to withhold filing its taxes, and instead put the money in a trust. Once the government makes good on their promise to stop Uber from thriving, only then will it pay up.

Montreal taxis contribute about 10 million dollars in taxes every year, so it would be a significant middle finger to the government if they actually succeed in refusing to pay.

The thing is, I didn't realize that this was even an option.

You mean, if I disagree with something the government does (or doesn't do), then I can skip tax season?

I mean that's the logic the taxi association is operating on, so I figure why not apply this to my own life?

Perhaps I too should withhold my money until from the government delivers on all its other promises. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • Fix the infrastructure
  • Give us free city-wide Wi-Fi
  • Legalize weed
  • Extend the metro

Until these demands are met, no taxes for you!

Or we can all come back to reality, and tell the taxis that this isn't how the world works, and that they have to follow the same rules as everybody else. Just a thought.

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