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You Gotta Road Trip To Quebec's Massive "Hot Air Balloon" Show This Summer

There's something so nostalgic and kinda magical about a sky filled with hot air balloons. I like the idea of lying on the grass and watching them lazily float above. 

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If you want to check out a totally unique festival I suggest you check out the 31st annual Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It's been running for over 30-years, so you know this festival must be good.

The festival features not only a stunning hot air balloon show, but also tons of family-friendly entertainment, activities, food, drink, and even an amusement park. And it all goes down at this beautiful waterside park in Gatineau.  Here are a couple pictures you can see for yourself what to expect!

@superfmgembedded via  

During the festival, which runs over the course of 4-days, there will be evening shows and stage performances as well. A few years ago Éric Lapointe performed.

The price for 1-day entry is $30, however, if you would like to attend for more than just 1-day you can get "passport" prices on multi-day passes.

Everything you need to know:

What: Hot Air Balloon Festival
WhereParc de la Baie 988, rue Saint-Louis, Gatineau
When: August 30th - September 3rd

For more info check out the official site HERE!

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