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You Gotta Spend The Day At This Otherworldly "Water Spa" Near Montreal ASAP

It's like something out of a dream.
You Gotta Spend The Day At This Otherworldly "Water Spa" Near Montreal ASAP

Guys, I'm a very stressful person. Everyday I'm stressing. I'm like a tense ball of stress. It's no way to live.

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Which is why spas are my whole life. Nothing on this earth makes me de-stress and feel like a normal human being again quite like spending a day at the spa.

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Spas exactly like Nordik Spa-Nature (16 Chemin Nordik, Chelsea, Quebec) in Chelsea, Quebec, about a two hour drive out of Montreal.

Nordik Spa-Nature pretty much has everything that you need in a great spa: saunas, Nordic baths, a Japanese stone bed bath, a full Russian spa, and much more.

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Of course, I'm just forever tripping on how gorgeous and serene this place looks:

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To top things off, Nordik also offers services like massages (both outdoor and indoor) and Kalla treatments... AKA a huge, super concentrated saltwater floating pool.

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I know, guys. I'm chilled out just thinking of visiting this spot.

Sound like the best way for you to spend a winter day? Check out Nordik Spa-Nature's website and Facebook for more information.

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