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You Have To Check Out This Secret Pink Cafe In Montreal

Find out where it's hiding.
You Have To Check Out This Secret Pink Cafe In Montreal

Montreal has no shortage of super cute and highly photogenic cafes and restaurants. We've written a couple lists about most Instagrammable cafes in Montreal here and restaurants here.

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That being said, it's a tough industry out there. Not only are new restaurant owners required and expected to deliver great food and service, but their restaurant interiors must be enticing enough to also attract the social media savants and taste-makers of the world. 

I don't say this lightly, this cafe that just came across our radar is really an Instagrammers dream come true. Cafe Pastel Rita, located in the heart of the Mile-End, has got everything. Beautiful color, design, and branding. It's the whole package.

It doesn't stop there, in very typical 2018-style this 20 seater cafe is also a hybrid concept, so it doubles as a boutique that sells local accessories.

At the cafe, you can enjoy all types of delicious coffee and light snacks, pastries from the Guillaume bakery and some sweets from Soupesoup.

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What's even better is Cafe Pastel Rita does have an operating liquor license now, so they will be working on developing a more elaborate menu for the evening. Keep this spot in mind for your "first date-night spot" rotation.

At the moment the cafe is open all throughout the week.  It closes at 8pm every day, except for Friday and Saturday closes at 10pm. 

For more info check out their Facebook page HERE!

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