You Know You Are From Montreal When...

You know the 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.
You Know You Are From Montreal When...

Quebec is pretty different from the rest of Canada, and Montreal is pretty different from the rest of Quebec. So if you were blindfolded and you had to pick out the one Montrealer from a group of 10 Canadians, it would probably take you less than 30 seconds.

We brag about the diversity here, but in the end we're all the same because we all live in the same amazing place. And here are a few things you only say, know or do if you live in this city.

You know you're from Montreal when...

You know it's pronounced Muntreal not Mahntreal.

You buy your beer at a dep.

You've gotten a ticket for jaywalking.

You know our drivers are insane, but you're secretly proud of it.

The only good part about the South Shore is that you can turn right on red.

You know the West Island isn't its own separate Island.

You call Tremblant "Up North".

You know how to pronounce Pie IX.

You hate the Olympic Stadium.

You kiss people on both cheeks when you meet them.

You aren't impressed with hardwood floors.

You were drinking cafe-au-lait before lattes were popular.

Shopper's Drug Mart is Pharmaprix and Staples is Bureau en gros, and PFK is finger lickin' good.

You really believe Just For Laughs is an international festival. For two weeks a year.

Everyone, – drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists – think they're immortal, and that you'll move first.

You have no idea what "île aux tourtes" means.

You know the difference between the SQ, the SAQ, and the SAAQ.

You measure temperature and distance in Metric, but weight and height in Imperial measure.

You show up at a party at 11 p.m. and no one else is there yet.

You know that Montréal is responsible for introducing to North America: poutine, bagels, souvlaki and smoked meat.

You don't drink pop or soda, you drink soft drinks.

You have graduated from high school and have a degree, but you've never been in grade 12.

30 cm of snow isn't "too snowy to drive."

You survived the Ice Storm.

You used to be an Expos fan, but now all you really miss is Youppi and the hats.

You know the women are prettier here.

You know where all the really bad potholes are.

You have no idea what the metro P.A. system is saying.

You hardly notice strip clubs anymore.

You know the anthem in both languages.

You've used an air conditioner and a heater on the same day.

You have jumper cables in your car.

Your Halloween costume had to be big enough to fit a snowsuit underneath.

You know the 4 seasons of Montreal: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.

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