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You Know Your Parents Are Russian Immigrants When...

Bears, vodka, babushka.
You Know Your Parents Are Russian Immigrants When...

Canadians find Russian culture mysterious and fascinating. I'd like to put an end to certain stereotypes and answer the most common questions - no, we don't drink vodka for breakfast and, no, we don't own pet bears.

One thing that's particular to our culture is how our parents raise us. It's quite different from any other nationality, to say the least. Don't believe me? Here's when you know that your parents are Russian immigrants.

1. They buy fish eggs from the Russian store.

Non-Russians will never understand this delicacy - fish roe "sandwiches".

2. They force feed your friends.

When your friends come over, even if it's for a quick second, they MUST eat. It's especially awkward when non-Russian people are forced to eat food they're not familiar with, like meat jelly, for example. "Try it, is very good! You like?"

3. They watch Russian television.

Even though we live in Canada, we're used to watching Russian TV series, news and Pole Chudes, of course.

Photo cred - Zastavki

4. They want you to marry a good Russian boy/girl.

The face your parents make when they find out you're dating someone non-Russian... priceless. "How are we going to talk to him? He doesn't even speak Russian?!"

5. They speak with the funniest accent ever.

You can't help but giggle, because they literally sound like Russian gangsters from American movies.

6. They listen to the Russian president's speech every New Year's Eve.

Even though we live in Canada, yes.

7. They don't believe in tupperware.

Who needs tupperware when you can re-use old yoghurt containers?

8. They don't understand North-American humour.

- Mom, this was a joke!

- Oh, ok?!

9. They refuse to go to restaurants.

"Because your mom cooks better than any restaurant!"

Photo cred - Photos1

10. They're friends with a good Russian mechanic.

"Call dyadya Misha, he will fix your car."

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