You Might Not Be Able To Use Airbnb In Montreal Anymore

Make sure you know this before you start renting.
You Might Not Be Able To Use Airbnb In Montreal Anymore

Guys, I love Airbnb. It's pretty much one of the most convenient ways to book a place to stay, and although I've never used it to lend out my own apartment for the night, it's for sure a quick and easy way to make a couple of bucks.

But that might not be the case for some Montrealers anymore. According to CBC News, the locks to one Montreal man's apartment were changed by the property owner, after he had rented out his apartment to Airbnb clients too many times.

CBC News reports that the tenant in question had been living out of the country and renting out his apartment through Airbnb, and so the locks were changed in order to prevent the tenant from continuing to do so. The tenant must continue paying rent to the property owners, according to the report.

The biggest question here, though, is whether or not the case sets a precedent for similar cases (basically meaning whether or not there will be tighter regulations on renting out your apartment to people on Airbnb).

I guess the takeaway from all this is don't abuse Airbnb, probably?


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