You Might See Naked People Outside In Montreal This Month

If there's one thing I've learned living downtown, it's that many Montrealers don't seem to mind getting naked in public every once in awhile.

We have Topless Day, the Naked Bike Ride, the Night Time Naked Bike Ride, and of course, The No-Pants Metro Ride

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But on May 6th there is another naked holiday you can celebrate, if you're brave enough of course.

It's called world naked gardening day and it was inspired by Inspired the by World Naked Bike Ride.

The point is to encourage people to be confortable in their own skin by doing some non-sexual activities naked.

There are no gatherings planned, instead people are encourgaged to practice this holiday on their own time in their own garden. 

So if you're walking around Montreal tomorrow and you see someone gardening naked, don't worry they're not mentally ill they're just celebrating a holiday.