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You Might See Naked People Outside In Montreal This Week

Keep your eyes peeled!
You Might See Naked People Outside In Montreal This Week

Every year, more and more weird and non-traditional holidays pop up. But this next one definitely deserves more attention.

Today is National Nude Day in Montreal. It's a day for people to get naked for no apparent reason, for people to promote the fact that nudists aren't perverts and it's also a good excuse to stay cool on a hot summer day.

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via @trulyney

National Nude Day is celebrated each year on July 14th, it all started in New Zealand in 2003 when a TV presenter offered a reward to whoever had the guts to streak in front of the Prime minister. The TV show was called Ellis’ National Nude Day, and they would ask viewers to send in their "nude exploits".

Since then National nude day has been spreading across the world.

You can celebrate the holiday however you want, but juts try to avoid breaking any laws. and you can post photos with #NationalNudeDay. via @totalbeautywithjill

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