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You Must Make A Trip To These Beautiful Ruins That Are Just 2 Hours Away From Montreal

Although we love our city, we all need to escape from it sometimes and you can do so by taking a 2 hour drive to Gatineau to visit the Carbide Willson Ruins. Your eyes will certainly not be deceived when you get to witness what happens when nature collides with vintage architecture.

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These beautiful ruins in Meech Lake, Quebec originate from an industrial plant built in 1911 by Thomas Leopold Willson. The inventor, engineer and electrochemist had a hidden workshop where he discovered how to produce Calcium Carbide.  You can see historic land all across Gatineau Park, and it is truly breathtaking to see. It's a hauntingly beautiful walk through the park, you would never expect to see this kind of beauty so close to home.

It's a 30 minute hike up to the ruins, but the view is worth every step. These ruins are incredibly photogenic; so insta-worthy, especially in the fall and summer. The beautiful trees that surround the mini waterfall and pierce through the architecture, make these ruins a prime location for photographers. Treat yourself by taking this cute road trip with your bff's, a romantic date with a special someone, or even a fun afternoon with family members!

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Time for you to pick up a double-double and cream cheese  bagel at Tim Horton's, put on your cutest fall outfit that is you know "nature friendly", and go on a little 2 hour drive to visit the Carbide Willson Ruins, Quebec's hidden gem.  

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