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You Need To Be Aware Of These 12 Things Before Dating A Guy From Concordia University

They'll 'sting' you right in the heart.

Guys, Concordia University is awesome. As a former student, I can tell you that pretty much all of the teachers, students, and staff members are a really great group of people in general.

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I've also dated my fair share of Concordians, so I know a little bit about what's up when you're navigating the Concordia dating scene. Of course, keep in mind that these are just more-or-less generalizations/things I've noticed, that can be applied to both guys and girls in my personal experience. Everyone is different, and everyone is awesome in their own, special way.

1. Dating a Concordia guy means going on library dates, and loving them.

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"Hey, want to go to the library and finish this assignment together?" is a legit pickup line at Concordia. And although that seems like code for something else, it's not. You and bae are getting to that library, finishing that assignment, and maybe grabbing a pint at Reggie's afterwards. Like champs.

2. Dating a Concordia guy means knowing someone who can navigate the city like a pro.

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With a campus downtown, and another one in NDG, you better believe your Concordia date can tell you about all the hot spots Montreal has to offer.

3. Dating a Concordia guy means you probably won't win any arguments... unless you really know what you're talking about.

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University students are bred to argue, so unless you can present your point of view in a convincing manner, prepare to "agree to disagree".

4. Dating a Concordia guy means you're going to know at least one person in a fraternity.

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Because Concordia's Greek life is actually super on point.

5. Dating a Concordia guy means spending all your free time at Reggie's.

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Not that we love drinking more than anything else in the world, but...

6. Dating a Concordia guy means waiting in line with them at the bookstore for hours at the beginning of the semester.

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Yes, the bookstore is super organized and great at handling student traffic. But sometimes, way too many students crowd in there during the first few weeks of school.

So if your Concordia guy or gal is at all dedicated to their classes, then be prepared to hold their hand while you guys wait in line for a few hours.

7. Dating a Concordia guy means also dating a caffeine fiend.

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I mean, sure, all university students live off coffee.

But Concordia's sandwiched between 3 Starbucks', 2 Tims, cafe Myriade, Hestia Tea, Shaughnessy Cafe, and a whole lot more places to get your caffeine fix. So, you know. Concordia students tend to be caffeinated Af.

8. Dating a Concordia guy means your date is probably broke.

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The sad reality is that books, tuition, art supplies, and food is all expensive AF. (But no worries - thankfully, Concordia students know it doesn't take a lot of money to have an awesome date.)

9. Dating a Concordia guy means putting up with one seriously stressed out S/O.

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Uni life is a series of ups and downs and accomplishments and tears. You don't get anywhere without a little stress. Instead of getting anxious about it, just embrace it.

10. Dating a Concordia guy means cheering for the Stingers, no matter what.

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Because a Stinger is a winner, and don't you ever forget that.

12. Dating a Concordia guy means you're most likely seeing a really awesome person.

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Not saying awesome people only exist at Concordia, and definitely not saying that all Concordia students are awesome, but in general, Concordia tends to teach its students how to care about the world around them.

So, if you're seeing someone from Concordia, you'd better believe they'll be into trying to make the world a better place. And really, is there any better type of human?

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