You Need To Try This "Unicorn" Cotton Candy Milkshake In Montreal Before Summer Is Over

The unbeatable summer carnival vibes begin (and end) here.
You Need To Try This "Unicorn" Cotton Candy Milkshake In Montreal Before Summer Is Over

Whether you're new to Montreal or you've lived here your entire life, you definitely know the city has put its name on the map with all of the unique and incredible eats you can find in every corner of the city. Whether it's the summer and you're desperate for the best refresher you can get, or it's winter and you need the ultimate comfort food to keep you warm and happy, there's no doubt the city has anything you could ever think of and more.

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With summer coming to a close, what could ever possibly be the best treat to end it off with? Your last goodie of the season has to be something you can't just find at any store. Not only does this dream dessert have to be unbelievably delicious, but it has to look over-the-top awesome. Time to introduce yourself to the "unicorn" milkshake.

Chocolats Favoris, a fan favourite creamery and dessert bar with dozens of locations across Quebec, have created the most amazing yet underrated milkshake complete with carnival vibes.

The "unicorn" milkshake is made from cotton candy flavoured ice cream, both pink and blue flavour, and is topped with pink whipped cream, sprinkles and of course, a big fluffy cloud of cotton candy. You will seriously never get enough of this unique treat.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, it just did. The flavour also comes in a "unicorn" ice cream form, so if you aren't too keen on a milkshake there's no fear, a cone awaits you.

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You'll definitely want to get this milkshake before summer ends, and head down to a carnival while you're at it! Everyone will be begging you to tell them where you got the coolest dessert in the entire city.

For more information on Chocolats Favoris, click HERE.