You Need To Visit This Amazing "Floating Bar" In Montreal This Spring

Just when you thought Montreal had it all.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Montreal is an Island. But take a quick trip down to the Old Port or the Lachine Canal and you will be quickly reminded that we are surrounded by water.

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This is something that Montrealers should take advantage of. There are plenty of water sports and activities that can be done by the waterside all summer long.  Nothing lifts the spirits quite like a day on the water.

That said, one Montreal business has successfully fused boating and happy hour by refurbishing a beautiful 42-year-old glass top boat and converting it to Montreal's only floating bar.

Canal lounge is located on the Lachine Canal and is open from Spring until Fall. It remains stationary on the docks located a few steps away from the Atwater Market.

Its relaxed ambiance, stunning interior, and laid-back music are perfect for a 5 a 7 or a night out with friends.  They officially open on May 27th!

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For more information on Canal Lounge, click here.