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You Wanted It And Now It Is Here, The Facebook "Dislike"

The newest addition from Facebook's latest update.
You Wanted It And Now It Is Here, The Facebook "Dislike"

Fuck sympathy, lets bring on the hate. In the latest Facebook update you can now send a new thumbs down 'dislike' sticker in private messages. You can obtain the sticker via the mobile app Sticker Store. Finally, a slightly less offensive way to tell your friends to suck it. 

The dislike sticker was created during a recent Facebook hackathon, where the soon-to-be-introduced 'sympathy' button was made. While sympathy will be available on posts, the same as the 'like' button, dislike will not be fully public, nor will it ever be. During an AMA on Reddit, Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin basically said a full-on dislike button will probably never become a thing, as Facebook wants to keep online interactions generally positive. He obviously hasn't seen some of the comments on my articles...

So dislike is only a sticker and sympathy is on its way, but what about other buttons for Facebook? I think a legit 'hate' button is needed, for when you really need to shut down a stupid status, or a 'love' buttons for those posts you more than just like. I'm hoping for a 'Zero Fucks Given' button, which would probably get used more than any other. Listen up Facebook, these are legit suggestions.

Should dislike become a full flegded button? Think sympathy is a silly addition? What other buttons should Facebook add? Post a suggestion in the comments below!

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