You Will Be Able To See 3 Planets Over Montreal This Week

A rare celestial phenomenon.
You Will Be Able To See 3 Planets Over Montreal This Week

Good news for all you stargazers out there. Montreal is currently experiencing a rare parade of planets.

According to Stellarium, at around midnight tonight, you'll be able to see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at the same time in the night sky.

And you won't need a telescope either, because they will be visible with the naked eye. Provided of course you can find a vantage point without too much light pollution.

According to Dluzions, the person who made the original post on reddit:

"Saturn and Mars should be close to the moon while Jupiter is a more to the right compared to the others."

If you spot a constellation or a star you suspect might be a planet, you can always point your phone to the sky to find out exactly what you're looking at. You just need this free skymap app.

And so concludes our tale. I'm Leonard Nimoy. Good night. And remember...

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