The Story Of 5 Kiosk Owners Who Got Fvcked Over By Target

If you didn't before, you will hate Target after hearing this.
The Story Of 5 Kiosk Owners Who Got Fvcked Over By Target

Photo cred - CTV News

Target leaving Canada has sparked some emotional reactions. Some have been sad the American-owned superstore is heading out, others are glad, but the only people able to be justifiably pissed off are these small kiosk owners, who lost their businesses when Target invaded their mall, and only stuck around for 2 short years.

In a story published by CBC in 2012, when Target first made moves into Canada, 5 kiosk owners in Charlottetown Mall were told they had to stop selling their wares. The kiosk-owners rented the space in front of the mall's Zellers, and Target, who would be taking over the space, didn't want these small businesses in front of their store.

Out of the 5 different kiosks, some had been standing in front of Zellers for a full 17 years. Many of the kiosk-owners could not find space elsewhere in the mall, or at least the rent was too high for them to afford. While some did find other means to operate their businesses, others were not so lucky.

Corporations coming in and screwing over the little guy is nothing new, but at least in most cases, the big dog company sticks around for a good long while. When it comes to Target and these kiosk-owners, collective decades of business were thrown out the window just for a 3 year stint. Not cool Target, not cool.


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