You Will Not Be Able To Get A Parking Ticket In Montreal Tomorrow

No tickets, no stress.
You Will Not Be Able To Get A Parking Ticket In Montreal Tomorrow

Every time I'm out driving with one of my car-equipped friends, I receive a rather rude reminder as to why I loathe driving: finding parking.

Parking is nigh-atrocious in Montreal, and not solely because there are a lack of spaces to place your car. The real problem is just how damn confusing Montreal parking signs are.

Seriously, you need a decoder ring to just find out if you can plop your car at a spot for a two hour stretch of time.

If you're a seasoned Montreal driver, you no doubt have parking-sign-language down (or you don't, because it's that confusing) but that doesn't mean you won't thoroughly enjoy a rather unique city-wide event happening tomorrow, December 2nd:

Freedom Parking Day In Montreal, a special 24 hour span of time where no driver will receive a parking ticket in Montreal.

We caught wind of this spectacular "no parking ticket, no problem!" day in Montreal through a tweet sent out by Montreal-based journalist Andy Riga.

For those a little wary, as a single tweet doesn't really equate with the truth, rest easy knowing that Riga allegedly double-checked with the City of Montreal to confirm the date of Parking Freedom Day, according to a follow-up tweet. Several other reputable Twitter accounts backed up Riga's claim, including CBC's @MontrealDrive and @Le 15-18.

Strangely, we couldn't find an official event listing for Freedom Parking Day, but given that three journalist-controlled Twitter accounts stated that the event is going down tomorrow, we're pretty confident you won't be receiving any tickets on December 2nd.

UPDATE: Hey all, so the original Tweets were just a joke on the part of Andy Riga, so that's why there isn't any official event listing or anything. The whole thing was a comment on the "April to December" line listed on most parking signs. Obviously we lack any sarcasm-sense. Funnily enough, this whole mix-up reflects just how confusing parking in Montreal can be.

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