You Will Officially Be Able To Smoke Marijuana In Public In Montreal

The smoke finally clears on some new laws.
You Will Officially Be Able To Smoke Marijuana In Public In Montreal

Despite the historical significance, marijuana legalization is no walk in the park for the federal and provincial government. In fact, marijuana legalization will be an absolute mess in Canada.

Although a federal Cannabis Act has been established, each provincial government will have their own legislation to pass regarding cannabis use. 

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TL;DR Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante just confirmed that public marijuana smoking will be allowed in Montreal. Restrictions will be the same as those for tobacco.

To complicate matters even further, at the municipal level, each city and its respective boroughs will impose their own laws, too.

Today is a big day for Montreal and marijuana legalization, as the Plante administration has finally unveiled its rules around where cannabis can be smoked.

Good news pot smokers: you will be able to smoke weed in public places. Well, most public places. 

Modeled after tobacco smoking laws, the marijuana regulations will allow smokers to enjoy the drug in most outdoor spaces with a few exceptions, like smoking on playgrounds, within 9-meters of a public building, and bus stops, for example. 

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This seems more than fair to me. If tobacco smokers aren't allowed, why should pot smokers be?

That said, there are currently five Montreal Burroughs that are an exception to the new law, as they've announced a ban on public marijuana smoking. Those neighborhoods are:

  • Saint-Laurent
  • Saint-Léonard
  • Pierrefonds-Roxboro
  • Montreal North 
  • Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles

Although this is overall good news for pot-connaisseurs, mayor Plante reminds Montrealers that even if weed-smoking will be legal in most outdoor spaces, many building owners may be inclined to ban indoor cannabis use as well.

That said, the Plante administration will continue to announce new laws surrounding marijuana consumption in Montreal throughout the day.

Stay tuned for more cannabis news.

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