You Will Soon Be Able To Buy "Bleeding" Beyond Meat Vegan Burgers At Grocery Stores In Canada

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. Since the release of the new Canadian Food Guide, which advises that consumers substitute meat with plant-based proteins, growing numbers of Canadians are opting for veggie alternatives. 

Not only beneficial for personal health, a meatless diet is perhaps the best way individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and participation in deforestation.

As a result, companies across the country have begun to roll out new, meatless options. Of them, the Beyond Meat burger has proven to be the most popular.

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TL;DR Beyond Meat burgers will be available at participating Canadian grocery stores "by the end of May" 2019.

The vegan burger, which appears to "bleed" like a meat burger, became nationally famous after A&W added it to franchise menus. Since then, several Montreal restaurants, including Uniburger and Dirty Dogs, have also begun to offer Beyond Meat-brand patties.

Now, because the burger has become so popular, Beyond Meat is preparing to offer the product in grocery stores across Canada.

"Arriving just in time for summer BBQ season, Beyond Meat announced today that for the first time, its plant-based Beyond Burger will be available in the meat case at Canadian retail outlets nationwide at Co-op Food Stores, Fresh Street Market, IGA, Loblaw, Longos, Metro, Save On Foods, Sobeys, and Whole Foods Market," the company stated in a press release.

"The delicious plant-based patty boasts 20g of protein with less total & saturated fat than a traditional beef burger, making it the perfect mealtime solution for a growing consumer segment in search of more nutritious and environmentally sustainable protein options."

The release also specifically cites the new Canadian Food Guide: "according to the 2019 Canada Food Guide, Canadians are encouraged to diversify their protein sources, with an emphasis on incorporating more plant-based proteins."

The Beyond Burger is sure to become a summertime staple at Canadians' dinner tables. And, as conversations about climate change and necessary lifestyle adjustments enter the center of public discourse, the popularity of meatless options is bound to skyrocket.

The burger will be available to purchase in grocery stores "by the end of May" 2019.

Stay tuned.