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You Will Soon Be Able To Smoke Marijuana At Your Favourite Canadian Music Festivals

Legally, I mean...
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You Will Soon Be Able To Smoke Marijuana At Your Favourite Canadian Music Festivals

When last month the Canadian parliament approved a plan to legalize recreational marijuana by the fall, weed fans and entrepreneurs rejoiced at the seemingly endless possibilities the burgeoning industry presents.

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Corporations have already begun to court the marijuana market with tongue-in-cheek ads and specialty items like the Oh Henry! bar, 4:25.

But music festivals in particular have been on the minds of casual weed consumers everywhere. If and how Canada's most popular festivals could integrate marijuana despite safety concerns has been the subject of much debate.

Well, yesterday The Globe And Mail reported that some of the nation's largest music festivals are officially exploring ways to accomodate recreational weed smokers while limiting contact for revellers who would rather abstain.

The good news: that means Canadians will get to enjoy marijuana legally at huge summer concerts.

The bad news: smokers will likely be quarantined in a peripheral tent away from central activity.

Still, it will likely be up to the provinces and municipalities to decide where and when recreational pot consumption is permitted. The emerging regulations already vary greatly. While tourists will be able to smoke weed in their hotel rooms on Prince Edward Island, Quebec seems likely to forbid home cultivation.

Individual music festivals will also have their own rules. The experience of marijuana users at such spectacles will differ vastly according to event, venue, province, and even city.

New regulations are constantly unfolding so stay tuned. 


    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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