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You Will Have To Pay More Money For Alcohol In Canada

Beer and wine drinkers should expect to pay more.
You Will Have To Pay More Money For Alcohol In Canada

Sadly, this is not an April Fool's Day joke, I double checked. 

Thanks to the 2017 federal budget, beer, and wine drinkers will see an increase in sales tax for their alcoholic beverages as of April 1st.

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This screenshot basically sums up my face right now.

Via Rolling 20s

Thank's to the 2017 federal budget, alcohol sales tax will rise 1.5% based on the rate of inflation.

When the announcement first came in 2017, the tax on beer and wine went up by 2%.

It’s no #AprilFools joke. Starting today, the automatic escalator tax on #beer will happen in perpetuity every year, with no votes or discussion in #cdnparl. If you disagree with this, write your MP, sign & share our petition to #axethebeertax at

April 1, 2018

Canadians are speaking up about the tax increase and signing a petition done by Beer Canada - who says Canadians are already paying enough taxes for their brews.

You can get involved in their petition right here.

You can also get involved in a similar petition and campaign being done through The Canadian Taxpayers Federation. 

Aaron Wurdick, of The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, notes that tax increases are a "political choice" and that politicians who make the choice should be transparent about it every time. 

Via Axe The Beer Tax

Canadians and beer go hand-in-hand. Seriously, a beer to cap off your day is about as normal as a hot cup of coffee in the morning. 

In fact, the beer industry in Canada is one of our top exports. 

A new study found these stats about Canada's beer industries:

  • Beer consumption has fallen 10% in the past decade
  • The beer industry contributed $13.6 billion to Canada's economy in 2016
  • Beer leads alcoholic beverage sales in Canada, making up over 41% of alcohol sales.
  • Beer supported 149,000 jobs, generating labour income of about $5.3 billion.
  • Almost 85% of beer sales in Canada were from a local brewery.

Study sourced from The Conference Board of Canada

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