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You Will Soon Have To Pay More Money To Watch Netflix In Quebec

Well it looks like it's official, and now it's only a matter of time before it goes into effect.

Quebec will be imposing a provincial sales tax on Netflix.

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The current agreement with the federal government exempts Netflix from have to charge the GST, but Quebec’s finance minister said he intends on demanding that Netflix be made to charge the QST to its Quebec subscribers.

That may not seem like much at first, but remember, Netflix Canada prices already went up in August

So for someone like me who used to pay $8.99 for a monthly subscription, I now have to dish out $2.00 more a month, and pay an additional $1.10 in taxes.

So while $3.10 doesn't seem like a huge amount, it's still 34% more than what I used to pay.

The legislation that requiring all foreign online services to charge sales tax to Quebecers should be ready by January 1 2018. 


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