You Won't Be Able To Ride Montreal's "Giant Ferris Wheel" For The Rest Of The Month

We waited, and we waited, but it looks like Montreal’s “La Grande Roue” ferris wheel won’t be open to riders for the rest of the month. 

Announced yesterday, officials in charge of the 60-meter metallic wheel said the ferris wheel will remain closed at least until the end of August, reports JDM.

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No specific date was given as to when La Grande Roue will actually start spinning for Montrealers, but officials did say it will be a matter of days, not weeks.

Given that the ferris wheel was delayed from June to July to August and now to who-knows-when, that isn’t exactly a promising commitment. But after we published this article, the spokesperson for the wheel assured us the wheel will be open within the next few days. 

Once La Grande Roue and the surrounding complex opens, Montrealers will be able to enjoy a cafe, a terrace-equipped restaurant, and even a bar, if liquor license applications go through.

It might be a little too late, however, since tourist season is basically over and terraces are far less appealing when it’s sweater-weather outside.

La Grande Roue will be open all-year long, which makes up for the delay…somewhat. At least we know that when the ferris wheel opens, it’ll stay like that for the rest of the year.