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You Won't Believe How Many People Still Order Netflix DVDs By Mail

Netflix is and will always be the pioneer in online streaming and the ultimate disruptor when it comes to the way people consume film and television.

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You may not know thatNetflix actually started as an online DVD rental company. The good old days, before you could binge-watch on-demand streaming to your heart's content, Netflix provided people with access to media via weekly snail mail deliveries of recent films and television series. 

According to a recent investigation by Variety, today, there are STILL 3 million DVD subscribers!

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Compared to the 130 million worldwide Netflix subscribers, 3-million is only a small slice of the pie. But you would be surprised to find out that Netflix is still profiting from these 3 million clients. To be precise, they account for as much as $53 million in quarterly profits.

I bet you're wondering where do these mysterious DVD-watching people live?  Well, all 3-million are located across the United States, mostly in regions that are unable to benefit from the high-speed internet that we urban dwellers take for granted.

However, Netflix projects that with the inevitable expansion of high-speed internet to even the most rural areas, that they will completely phase out DVDs by the year 2022.

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