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You Won't Believe How Many Times Montreal's STM Metro Broke Down This Year

Metro breakdowns are just a normal part of life. It happens so often that we barely even notice it anymore. 

Let's play a game.

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Try to estimate how many times the service was interrupted in the metro so far this year. Got a number in mind? Good, now double it!

Sadly you're probably still not even close to the actual number. It's actually 858.

Yes, 858 service interruptions! And that doesn't even include the stats for the month of October. Plus, those are just the breakdowns that lasted longer than 5 minutes, so we don't even want to think about what the real number is. 

At this time last year, there were 647 interruptions, which means we're already up 30% so far this year. 

But it's not all the STM's fault, it's actually our fault as well.

40% of service interruptions are caused by passengers who drop things onto the track or hold doors open for their friends, which is why the STM is planning on having more employees patrolling the platforms to prevent these kind of things from happening. 


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