You Won't Believe This Montreal Bus Driver's Hidden Talent

Probably the most impressive thing you'll see all day.
You Won't Believe This Montreal Bus Driver's Hidden Talent

I just love hearing stories like this, and if you also enjoy having your heart warmed early in the morning, you'll love it too. Yesterday, Tumblr user fucknomontreal posted this photo of an STM driver on the 177 Thimens line, with what can only be described as an amazing hidden talent. While the bus was stopped, he pulled out a sketch book and got to work on a portrait that's honestly better than anything I could ever even imagine drawing.

The drawing, clearly, is amazing and must have taken a lot of time, skill, and creativity - which aren't exactly the words that usually spring to mind while breezing past your bus driver on your way to work in the morning. Who the driver is still remains a mystery, but I sincerely hope that he's pursuing any artistic dreams he may have, because he's got the talent.

This just goes to show that you really can't ever judge a book by its cover, or a bus driver by his job, and that if you take a moment to notice the other people around you, you may just end up pleasantly surprised.

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