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You Won't Believe What H&M Considers Plus Size

Confusing thin with plus size.
You Won't Believe What H&M Considers Plus Size

First Urban Outfitters was under fire for encouraging girls to "eat less" with their trade mark scandal t-shirt, then Australian model, Robyn Lawley was labelled fat. What's next you ask? H&M, one of Montreal's most trendy and popular stores challenges the term "plus size"

In the plus size section of their latest catalog, H&M uses a model who's actually quite thin. "You should be ashamed as a company to say that THIS is PLUS SIZE!" a customer tweeted. "No wonder girls think they have to look a certain way," another one added.

As a response to the criticism, H&M filed a statement which claims that all of the models featured in the plus size section of the catalog were dressed in at least a US size 14. However, one H&M representative said that the models in this spread are open to "interpretation" and as to whether they should be classified as "plus-size"

H&M's home country, Sweden even felt some of the backlash from Emma Igelstrom, a swimmer and anti- bulimia advocate. "H&M needs to take responsibility for this, Igelstrom said. "They are sponsors to the Swedish Olympics team, but by calling this model plus size they are strengthening the idea that super skinny is the ideal."

How do you feel about H&M's plus size models?

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