You'll Be Able To Carry Marijuana On Domestic Flights In Canada After Legalization

Only 14 days left!
You'll Be Able To Carry Marijuana On Domestic Flights In Canada After Legalization

It's finally the month we've been waiting for all year long. As we all know by now, cannabis is about to be legalized in Canada. The 17th is only a couple weeks away, so now is the best time to brush up on any rules and regulations that will come with the new law.

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TL;DR On October 17, Transport Canada will make it legal to bring up to thirty grams of marijuana with you on any flights within the country. It's still uncertain how this will play out in airport security.

You probably already know that it'll be illegal to cross the border into the U.S. with marijuana, and different provinces are going to have different rules about cannabis consumption and how much you're actually allowed to have.

But, one perk of legalization is that you'll actually be allowed to carry up to thirty grams of cannabis when flying anywhere in Canada.

According to Transport Canada, you can carry cannabis in your luggage on any domestic flight. Although it will still remain illegal to ship marijuana on a flight that goes across the border, this is still a super amazing perk that just makes the upcoming legalization even more exciting.

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It's uncertain how this will all play out when going through security and customs at an airport. Scent dogs with airport security will definitely be short on jobs come end of the month.

But on the bright side, you'll soon have the opportunity to bring marijuana with you while you travel cross-country! Seriously people, there's only 14 days left!


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