You'll Soon Be Able To Pay For The Bus And Metro With A Phone Or Credit Card In Montreal

When it comes to methods of payment, the STM is a little behind.

To this day, if you want to use the bus or metro, and you don't have an OPUS card or a ticket, your only option is cash.

Even the STL offers the option to get on the bus using your credit card, so it doesn't really make any sense why STM isn't be able to provide the same service.

Last year the STM tried to create a way to pay with your phone, but that was basically just a virtual OPUS card, and it only worked on Android phones.

But now they are finally exploring new methods of payment.

They just need to figure out how they can incorporate this new payment system with the current OPUS system, and they'll have to create new electronic transfers so you don't pay twice for the same trip.

After that they will need to make sure this new technology works with mobile payment apps, so you'll be able to get on the bus using nothing but your phone.

No release dates has been set just yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as more info becomes available.