You'll Soon Be Able To Pay For The Bus, Metro, And BIXI With A Phone In Montreal

Finally, the future arrives to STM.
You'll Soon Be Able To Pay For The Bus, Metro, And BIXI With A Phone In Montreal

Have you ever been waiting to get on the bus, just to have that moment of panic riffling through your things to find your STM pass?

Or, maybe you suffered the tragic realization that you left it behind at home, or worse - lost your pass entirely?

Soon, this will be an issue of the past!

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STM released their Organizational Strategic Plan, which is a massive amount of information on how they will improve their service for Montrealers by 2025.

It's a lot to read through, so we're doing it for you and highlighting the most intriguing parts!

I for one, have had the experience of losing or forgetting my metro pass many times. This also happens with my bank card... I don't like the feeling of a wallet in my pocket - sue me. 

When Android pay became a "thing", it was a like a light shone down from the tech gods, saving me from all those moments that I forgot to grab something from home. 

STM will soon be offering their own version, and you will be able to pay your metro and bus fares via smartphone! 

This is going to include BIXI bike and self-serve car rentals, as well!

This section of the STM info packet is located on page 21, and reads as follows:

While this advancement isn't really unfounded, and maybe not the most exciting thing to come - I for one am extremely happy to see this payment option roll out. 

I bloody hate carrying things with me, and I will do anything in my power to not have to do it! 

This usually includes storing my things in a girlfriend's purse - so congratulations, lady friends of mine... I will no longer take up that extra space in your things! 

Come through, STM!

You can read their full information packet right here.

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