You'll Soon Be Able To Take A "Marijuana Growing Class" At Montreal's McGill University

Universities are jumping on the green bandwagon.
You'll Soon Be Able To Take A "Marijuana Growing Class" At Montreal's McGill University

It's an exciting time for students and Canadians looking for their academic major. 

With Canada's new marijuana legislation laws coming into effect this year, it's no surprise that jobs and careers moves are following suit. 

In fact, I just listed some of the Montreal job openings available now to work in the Marijuana industry... and the best ones require a little bit of post-secondary schooling. 

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Montreal's prestigious McGill Univesity will be one of the first to offer a full-on course to secure you that perfect, life-long career in the booming marijuana industry. 

It will be the first course of its kind offered in Quebec, and McGill University will offer the first wave of the specialized certificate program. 

If you've ever wanted to learn how to irrigate cannabis or the right kinds of light needed - this is the program you need to become a Master Grower. 

"The legal cannabis industry will need specialized workers to work in the production centers, and at the moment, there is very little training for them [...] We want to train the next wave of master growers, people who will be responsible for the greenhouses, "says Dr. Anja Geitmann, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

This Professional Certificate is just the first, small step. 

For 2019's winter semester, there are plans to welcome the first students to a new professional certificate specializing in marijuana cultivation.

The program is still in the planning stages, will last from one semester to one school year and be open to those who've begun schooling in horticulture and plant biology.

"We are targeting people who already have qualifications in this area. We do not necessarily want to train the one who will water the plants, but rather the one who will manage the greenhouses, the use of pesticides and plantations, for example, "details Anja Geitmann.

Other colleges already offer programs for future workers in the field, but they train less specialized workers, she adds. There is already a School of Cannabis out of Cleveland, OH, that specializes only in the study of Marijuana industries. 

If done right, McGill could easily expand their Marijuana centric programs to become more diverse in the industry. 

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I am not usually one to support the university career of anyone, I really believe university (in many cases) is a colossal waste of time... but this is a program I can get behind. 

Way to go, McGill University! 

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