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Young Woman Held Captive For 5 Months In A Basement Finally Rescued By Quebec Police

She was found in a basement of a house in Boisbriand.
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Young Woman Held Captive For 5 Months In A Basement Finally Rescued By Quebec Police

A couple in Boisbriand was arrested after police discovered a woman they had been holding captive in their basement. The 22-year old woman spent five months in captivity and was forced to perform sexual favours under the threat of violence. 

Marie-Soleil Vallières-Campeau and Michel Botros are being charged with kidnapping and sexual assault after Sûreté du Québec officers raided their home following a tip from a man who found the girl in the basement, bruised and beaten.

The man who found the woman responded to an online ad for escort services and was shocked to find the young woman in the basement of Vallières-Campeau and Botros's house. He left the house and instantly alerted authorities. 

The young woman is being closely evaluated in a safe location after the SQ found her last Monday. She was held in captivity since December 1st, according to the Journal de Montreal.

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TL;DR A young woman was found in the basement of a Boisbriand home last week, held captive and forced to perform sexual services. The Sûreté du Québec arrested two people and have charged them with kidnapping and sexual assault. After five horrible months in captivity, the young woman is finally safe.

Vallières-Campeau, 18 and Botros, 28 got engaged last year and would apparently hire the girl as an escort for themselves. She would visit the couple in their house and would get uncomfortable with how aggressive they would be. 

Finally, after a few too many violent encounters, the girl decided to leave and never return, only to be kidnapped on December 1st, 2018, according to the Journal de Montreal. Vallières-Campeau and Botros's neighbours say that they've been living at their Boisbriand residence since January 2018. 

At 2:30 AM last Monday, SQ officers raided their home and found the young girl in the basement, scarred and violated. According to eyewitness reports, Vallières-Campeau begged police to let her boyfriend go. They arrested both of them and charged them with kidnapping and sexual assault.

The young woman's saving grace was an unnamed man who visited the home with the intent to meet a sex worker. After he saw the poor girl, he quickly left the residence and alerted the first police officer he found. 

He did not know how long the young woman was in captivity for, but he knew that he had to do something because he found her in a terrible state. He claims to have found out about the escort services online, via an ad posted by Vallières-Campeau and Botros themselves. 

Vallières-Campeau and Botros were arrested last Monday. Today, Vallières-Campeau is in court to hear her sentence.

This isn't the first time Botros has been in trouble with the law. Before this arrest on Monday, he was on probation for identity theft. He's awaiting trial in May.

The young woman is being evaluated and is finally safe after a harrowing five months in captivity. High praise to the SQ who responded quickly and effectively.


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