Canadian Cellphone Plans Are Finally Becoming Affordable

Yay for cheaper monthly bills!
Canadian Cellphone Plans Are Finally Becoming Affordable

It’s a holiday miracle: Canadian cellphone service providers are offering a data plan that is actually affordable. 

Canada’s “Big Three” service providers (Rogers, Bell, and Telus) are currently offering a savoury deal with the hallmark feature of 10GB of data for $60/month, if you already own your own smartphone. 

To put the savings in perspective, a 1GB plan usually costs Canadians close-to-if-not-over $80/month.

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But if you want to make the switch to this far more affordable offer, you better act fast. Today may be the last day to reap the savings. 

For example, Rogers is currently offering a $60/10GB deal (with call display, voicemail, and other features included) to new and existing customers only until December 18, 2017. 

Tons of Canadians have already been trying to make the switch, flooding customer service phone lines and creating quite the backup of requests, reports CBC. 

Fortunately, even if you don’t meet the Dec. 18th deadline, the $60/10GB plan may be a herald of savings to come. 

In Canada, only three cellphone service providers basically run the country’s wireless communications industry, so rates never really go down until one company is willing to drop prices. 

That’s exactly what happened here, with Rogers offering a $60/10GB plan, so Bell and Telus had to follow suit. 

And now Canadians have a taste for more affordable rates, and the immense amount of business the cheaper plan brought in probably taught the Big Three that Canadians are hungry for savings. 

Hopefully this will be the start of a price-drop-bidding-war that will continue past the holidays. One company will offer a cheaper plan, the other two will offer the same deal (if not cheaper) to not lose out on business, and the cycle will continue. 

That is a very real possibility according to a marketing from Simon Fraser University who spoke to CBC News. But, while cellphone prices may become more affordable than ever in Canada, a major price drop is typically offset by a gradual increase in prices down the road. 

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